One of the major issues for our clients is keeping track of invoices, receipts and bank statements. Many of you will be familiar with routine of trying to gather all this information and then dropping it off to your accountant in order for your VAT returns or annual accounts to be prepared.

Your accountant prepares the return / accounts and gives you back the information which you are then obliged to keep on file for 6 years. It’s no surprise that with this system expenses invoices and receipts get lost along the way which has the knock on effect of inaccurate accounts and you paying more tax. It’s also time consuming and takes up valuable storage space.

The good news is that there is now no need to keep a paper invoice / receipt / bank statement again ever!!

Using Dext Prepare software you can easily upload and send the documents to your accountant. And there is also  the added advantage that your information is stored safely in the cloud so you don’t need to retain the documents.

Using Dext there are a number of different ways you can capture and send the information

  • Take a photo of your receipt on your smartphone using the Dext mobile app
  • Forward from your email any electronic receipts to your dedicated Dext email address
  • Scan in paperwork straight to Dext for bulk processing
  • Drag and drop from a desktop computer

For those of you currently using a bookkeeping software package Dext integrates with all the major providers and information uploaded to Dext is automatically sent to your bookkeeping package.

So if you are interested in a more efficient way of keeping track of your business paperwork you should consider Dext.

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