Audit Services

We are registered auditors and we provide a full audit service for limited companies, where this is required by law or company stakeholders. If a company is a small company it may be entitled to claim an audit exemption. A company must satisfy two of the following conditions in respect of the financial year concerned and the preceding year to be considered a small company:

• Turnover of less than €12 million during its financial year

• Balance sheet total less than €6 million at the end of its financial year

• An average of less than 50 employees for the year

Many of our clients are small and medium sized businesses operating as limited companies and would be audit exempt. We recognise that clients need trusted, independent advisers and that the environment in which they operate, from a compliance, commercial and organisational perspective, is changing. Our audit services go beyond basic legal and technical obligations and the routine tasks set down in a typical audit assignment.

Our Approach

• Risk-focused – our approach concentrates on material issues that matter to your business or organisation. Risk assessment is central to our audit methodology

• International audit standards-our audit approach is based on current international auditing standards

• Professionally delivered –we develop excellent working relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on a timely delivery of service

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