Forensic Investigations

We provide the information you need with minimum disruption

Fraud within an organisation is one of the most challenging and distressing issues you will ever face. And when it comes to investigating a suspected fraud, or putting anti-fraud systems in place, you need a thorough and efficient investigation that will uncover the information you need, while causing minimum disruption to your business.

D V Mannion & Co offer access to a dedicated Forensic Accounting team with the expertise and experience necessary to deliver a high quality, un-intrusive and confidential service. We can give you a comprehensive investigation with a detailed report or a simpler and shorter unbiased expert opinion.

Fraud detection

The Forensic Accounting services we offer are often required in support of Financial Investigations into or arising from Fraud. Areas covered include:

-Employee fraud

-Senior management fraud

-Investigation of hidden assets

Much of the demand for our forensic accounting services comes from regional locations where local legal practices are less able to find local accountancy firms with the requisite skills to provide expert litigation support.

Due diligence and valuation services

Our forensic services are also invaluable in matters of due diligence – before any major transaction is conducted. Having a full understanding of the operations of a target company is an essential prerequisite before doing business.

Due Diligence and valuation services may cover:

-Target company investigation

-Investigation of hidden assets

-Corporate intelligence

-Pre-litigation investigation

-Sale of companies and businesses

-Sale of shares

-Intellectual Property rights


Other areas of investigation

-Conduct of directors or other staff

-Conflicts of interest


Our investigator in charge of Forensic Accounting is Declan Mannion FCA who has the large and small accounting firm forensic accounting experience in Ireland and internationally and who has undertaken significant investigation work over many years.

Declan Mannion B Comm FCA PIP

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