Restructuring a Business

No company is immune to financial difficulty in troubled times. A change in the market or within the business can impact negatively on the financial situation. There are times when it may seem impossible to stem the losses and return to profitability. Running a business in financial difficulty can be a lonely station.

If your business has run into financial problems, we will work with you to find solutions.

This will involve an assessment of the business and cash flow planning. We will need to review the debts and their terms. It may involve devising a workout program with lenders and negotiations with them to agree a workable solution. In many cases the lenders may be as anxious as you to work out a reasonable solution. In some case additional funds may be needed or advice may be required on insolvency procedures. We are able to work with companies on any of these matters.

We’re here to help. We’ve assisted many companies get to grips with their finances and regain lost ground. Our approach is simple but thorough. We look at your assets and liabilities. We monitor your trading and performance. With your agreement we talk to your creditors and bank manager.

Rose Marie Keaveney

Rose Marie Keaveney FCA CPIP

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