Litigation Support and Expert Witness

We provide litigation support to solicitors and barristers throughout the country.

Our forensic litigation support services are delivered more cost effectively and efficiently than many of the larger firms.

We at D V Mannion & Co bring commercial, financial and international expertise to bear on the litigation support problems we are asked to investigate and report on.

Our clients receive more direct involvement from us at a lower cost than they might receive from a larger accountancy firm.

Litigation and other disputes have the potential to interrupt your business, and it’s not only the threat of an unsuccessful outcome that hangs in the balance. Countless hours are often required in extracting evidence from complex financial records. Unravelling the information you need and presenting a reasoned, substantiated case takes time and expertise, as well as clear, objective advice.

The successful resolution of disputes and court cases is often dependent on forensic accounting expertise to produce reliable reports on the matters in dispute. The need for forensic accounting sometimes arise in investigations required by an individual or by private companies, banks or legal advisers.

Our work in these cases is to establish the facts and key issues.

We provide:

-Clear, concise reports on relevant financial matters and taxation consequences

-Professional expert witness services

-Advice as required in commercial and other disputes

Our forensic accounting skills and our experience of working with legal advisers improve the chances of a successful conclusion to the legal process for the recovery of assets or compensation.


Examples of cases where we have been involved include:


Breach of contract, consequential loss and Commercial disputes

Acted for the landlord in a loss of profits claim by a tenant in a shopping centre arising from a termination of a lease.

Review of audit negligence issues

Professional negligence and consequential loss

Acted for a plaintiff to calculate the loss of profits arising from the alleged professional negligence of his solicitor in a series of land deals

Business and Shareholder disputes

Acted for a shareholder in a private limited company in a dispute about the valuation of the company where proper books of accounts had not been kept as required by Company Law.

Divorce & separation proceedings

Acted for a spouse to trace assets allegedly hidden by the other spouse in a matrimonial claim.
Acted for a spouse to determine the valuation of a jointly owned business where sales were allegedly excluded from the accounting records of the company and provided expert witness testimony in court.

Personal injury & consequential loss

Acted for a taxi driver to calculate his loss of earnings arising from a personal injuries claim
Acted for numerous self-employed person to prove their loss of earnings after personal injuries Acted for a self-employed building contractor to calculate his loss of profits arising from a personal injuries claim

Employment issues

Acted for a group of employees to calculate their wages due and other entitlements in a claim against their former employer

Company law issues

We provide support to solicitors and barristers and directors involved in company law proceedings.

Assignments undertaken include:
-Reckless and fraudulent trading investigations and reporting
-Fraudulent preference investigations
-Investigation of directors assets and net worth statements

Our approach

We focus on the core issues, we work to establish quickly what information is relevant, we establish the facts, and we then present our report in a timely and professional manner. Not all cases go to court, but we are always conscious that an investigation or dispute may end up there. We, therefore, produce a clear and concise report which anticipates likely scrutiny by advisers for the other side.


Our senior investigator, Declan Mannion FCA has experience in providing litigation support and expert witness cases.

Declan Mannion B Comm FCA PIP

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