• The Revenue Commissioners introduced the Jobs and Pension Service with effect from 12 September, 2016.  This system replaces Form 12As which were completed by the employee and submitted to the Revenue Commissioners by the employer to manually apply for tax credits and Form P46s which were completed by the employer through ROS, Revenue’s online system. 

    Each new employee must now (from 12 September, 2016) apply to allocate credits to a new job using the Jobs and Pension Service through My Account on Revenue.ie.  It is no longer possible for the employer to apply for the credits.


    Please recommend to all current and new/potential employees to register for My Account through the Revenue Commissioners website.  The following information is required to register for my account;

    • PPS number
    • Date of birth
    • Mobile/landline number
    • Email address
    • Home address

    2 of the following will also be required to verify identity;

    • Irish driving licence number
    • P60 details
    • For self employed people – Acknowledgement of Self Assessment/Notice of Assessment


    Emergency tax rates will apply without tax credits being allocated.


    Please contact our office on 091 586020 or info@dvmannion.ie if you have any queries in relation to this item

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